My Day #2 on Youtube

This is my second video that I put on youtube as part of "my days". This is how my normal day of the week looks like. I drive my daughter to school and work in the studio. I also visited…

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In USA Again.

At the beginning of the year, David Kollar managed to travel to the USA again, this time at the invitation of American music legend Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson. After a residency in Mastelotto's Texas recording studio, David moved to…

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How did I get there? Podcast with David Kollar

Hello friends! We have an international double-header today. First up, I talk to Mitch Galbraith, guitar player for Australian, psychedelic, yacht rock band, Ocean Alley. Their latest album, Low Altitude Living has been blowing up and they've been out promoting…

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2. The best jazz album of the year

"At the beginning of the year, it is customary to take stock of the previous year. Our editors would also like to take stock of the past year and one of the best ways is to remind ourselves of…

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La Monte Young Composition #9 by David Kollar

"I received a package in the mail in which a line was drawn. The envelope was sent to me by Michal Kořán. It also contained a cover letter that La Monte Young had sent to various musicians in 1960, asking…

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On radio Klara in Nethherlands

Tomorrow at 10pm on Klara Radio in the Netherlands you will be able to hear my song Alma and the Silhouette of Hope. Song Will be aired tomorrow between 10 and 12 pm this sunday 11/12 



The Buzzfish tour - diary

"I admit I was worried about this tour. Gergo Borlai and I haven't played together for over eight years. We occasionally write to each other via Whatsapp and of course I follow his very successful career. Moreover, I haven't played…

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