"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today."”

— Pat Mastelotto - King Crimson

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The Buzzfish tour - diary 

"I admit I was worried about this tour. Gergo Borlai and I haven't played together for over eight years. We occasionally write to each other via Whatsapp and of course I follow his very successful career. Moreover, I haven't played with the bass guitarist since 2012. I also follow Lorenzo Feliciati on Facebook. Basically, I am in his debt. Lorenzo has connected me with Pat Mastelotto in the past. I was on the guestlist of Crimson Projeckt in Warsaw. I left Pat my album The Son and he approached me with the idea of doing a band together. That's actually how Komara came about, thanks to Lorenzo."

LINK: https://davidkollar.substack.com/p/the-buzzfish-tour

New listening video 

Alma and the silhouette of hope is the first track from David Kollar and Arve Henriksen's album a Sense of destiny.
The album will be released on 20 September on Hevhetia.
David Kollar - guitar
Arve Henriksen - trumpet
Pictures by Anna Maria Friman

Album dedicated to the memory of Jozef Tkáč, Marta Tkáčová, Barbora Cienka, Andrej Migaš and little Alma.


My Hans Zimmer story 

It started a long time ago. I think when the soundtrack to Batman - Dark Knight came out. I saw a video of Hans Zimmer talking about originality. He mentioned that he was looking for musicians who were exceptional in their approach to music. I got the feeling that I could be part of Hans Zimmer's team. I had no idea how his world worked. I reworked his songs and tried to get to him somehow. A guy from Slovakia who was interested in nothing but music.

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Im on SubStack 


I don't know if you all know that I've been keeping a diary since 2005. Since I quit my job and stayed with my daughter on maternity leave, I have also published a book in the Slovak language. It was an important period in my life. It was impossible to go to work and be a full-time musician. 

Gradually I will publish these diaries on my Sub Stack profile. I write in Slovak and I translate the diaries using Deepl translator into English. So English won't be great, but you will be able to understand my feelings and observations. As we say in Slovakia "you can see into the kitchen"

New project THE BUZZFISH! 

This new project is planning its first concerts in November 2022. So far we can only reveal that it will be very loud!

Gergo Borlai drums, Lorenzo Feliciati bass and I on guitar.

New film 

For a week now I have been working on the music for a documentary about the Slovak director Dušan Trančík. I admit that I didn't know his work before. He lived a large part of his life under communism, which was characterised by endless censorship and bureaucracy. In the film, Dusan asks the question whether film can change the world for the better. My favourite director, Andrei Tarkovsky, asked a similar question. 

I look forward to seeing another worthy film directed by Erik Praus, one that does not give us an answer, but asks more important questions.